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Things to Consider in the Interview

Things to Consider in Interviews

Oral interviews are the most exciting stage of job interviews. It would be useful to take a look at some suggestions that will make this stage easier for you.

Go by learning: Before the interview, be informed about the company you are applying for. Go by learning basic information such as the history of that company, its position in the sector, its place in Turkey and the world.

Never be late: Make sure to arrive for the oral interview at least 15 minutes before your appointment time. Thus, you will show your sensitivity about timing.

Speak no more, no less: Candidates should not be too quiet in an oral interview. Answer the questions asked of you with clear and explanatory information. Focusing on the essence of the question while answering will also protect you from unnecessary conversations.

Be positive: During the interview, candidates have the right to smile and ask questions when it is necessary to make them feel enthusiastic. A question asked to have detailed information about the business can be the golden key to making a difference.

Don't stress: In some job interviews, human resources professionals may focus on preparing you for situations in the field and measuring your experience. Keep calm, don't get stressed out, and avoid things like playing with your hair or touching your face while talking that will show you're nervous.

Let's not forget eye contact. It is necessary to look sincerely into the eyes of the person being spoken to during the interview. Practice the interview, but be natural: Before the interview, you can think about how to answer possible questions. But it is also important that you convey these sentences with a natural speech without showing that you have worked hard.

Pay attention to Appearance: The impression you create in the first 90 seconds is 33% positive or negative in recruitment. Your preferences should neither be too exaggerated nor too shabby. You should have simple, not distracting, careful clothing choices.

Communication, which is a social skill, is one of the most important points for the employer. If you want to prove this skill in the best way, you need to keep your communication strong during the interview and express your own thoughts in the most original way. Remember, failing to express yourself adequately or trying to be modest when introducing yourself will result in new and much larger potential job positions flying out of your hands.

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