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Sites Providing Certificate Training

Sites Providing Certificate Training

With the development of technology, the internet has become a place where everyone can always access and learn anything they want. We have looked at the beneficial side of the internet for you and compiled 5 different online education platforms, each of which is a mine of knowledge. Moreover, all of them give certificates at the end of their training.

1- In this completely free and state-supported platform, which was launched by METU and Bilgeİş, you can receive training under many categories and titles, including informatics and design. Everyone who completes the courses receives a METU-approved certificate. You can write the code of these certificates in your resume files.


2- This free training program started by 'Istanbul Business Institute (İİENSTİTÜ)' has managed to become a highly appreciated program. IIENSTITU, which has both paid and free education programs, provided training to more than 1.5 million people in 2020. The courses help your personal development with their successful content.


3- The Open University course includes more than one program where you can get a free certificate with the OpenLearn application. These courses are designed with very suitable content for those who want to learn a language or improve their language skills. If you want to improve your English or learn a new language for a long time, The Open University will help you. Moreover, with the free certificate application, you can have a document about your language level.


4- It was established in 2017 under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in order to create a leading, well-known, reliable and respected education center that will contribute to the sector and our country with the scientific, technological and constantly renewing education approach of the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK). You can visit the BTK academy page to benefit from many free trainings.


5- Udemy is an educational technology, massive online open course, and online learning platform that includes courses created by professional volunteer instructors for adults and students. Udemy has more than 40 million students and 50,000 lecturers in over 65 languages. More than 485 million course registrations have been made. If you want to access millions of courses in every language, you can visit Udemy.