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Yıldırım Group FerTrader Talent Program

Yıldırım Group FerTrader Talent Program

Dear Students and Alumni,

Applications for YILFERT Holding FerTrader Talent Program, a subsidiary of Yıldırım Group, one of Turkey's leading companies, have started.

Application Criteria:

- If you have graduated from undergraduate programs of universities or are about to graduate

- If you do not have professional experience or if you have a maximum of 1 year of experience

- You can speak at least two foreign languages fluently

- If you are confident in your communication skills

- If you want to continue your career in the field of import and export, to have the opportunity to work with various countries of the world and to use your foreign language competencies

So what awaits you in the FerTrader Program:

Opportunity to work with a professional import and export team

Being in constant communication with various countries of the world

A Human Resources team that will always support you in Yıldırım Group, where you stepped into corporate life, and Yıldırım Academy that will follow your development and feed you with training-development programs.

For application and detailed information, you can check the link below.